Simply put, we welcome any concern , any age , any breed , anytime of the day.  Contact us and we will be glad to help.  As a matter of fact,  client satisfaction has been guaranteed since since day one, almost twenty years ago.  Rob gets to the cause and treats the underlying problem in a humane and empathetic manner.   He utilizes positive training methods that engage, bond and ensure mutual respect.  Superdawg Diagnostics diagnoses the problem, educates people, and follows a comprehensive action plan.  The most challenging  cases are where we shine the brightest.  Failure is not an option at Superdawg.  Research based and experienced we Engage and Bond, Communicate and Reward, Care and Share.   

* Training programs are individualized and customized  based on personality and handler desire.  We can accommodate any request and share our F.A.C.T. training methodology with all services.   Beside every well mannered dog is a well educated person.  Owner/handler participation is imperative and an integral component of the successful facilitation of our services.