About Me :

        Everybody has dreams.  As for me, they simply continue after the lights go on and my eyes open wide.  You see, I am a lucky man.

         It was gifted to me, through inheritance, by my mother.  The empathy and compassion that she effortlessly demonstrated, forged a man.  Lessons passed from a mother to her son, via the vagabond mutts that stumbled into our yard and hearts.  I was never given a chance to name them.  Chance had them named before we met,  fate had them enrich three boys lives in the way that only love can.  Most of what I know about dogs today, I learned from teachers with names like Pudgy, Michelle and Nikki.    

          Some believe that an inheritance is a large bank account or vast expanse of land.  Not me.  You see, I am a lucky man.

Superdawg is an Intricate Weave of Experience, Education, Blistering Passion, and an Insatiable Hunger for Learning and Growth, as Uniquely Me as My Fingerprint
— Rob Baldi




  •      More than a thousand dogs and countless number of satisfied clients since 1996
  •      Shelter and Rescue Behavioral Consultant
  •      Lifetime of Canine Companionship
  •     Veterinary Assistant Cherry Hill Animal Hospital - Cherry Hill, NJ
  •     1996 Opened first training business (Cedarbrook Kennels)
  •     American Kennel Club Pointing Dog Field Trials and Hunt Tests
  •     Quicksilver Kennel - Moses Lake, WA 
  •      National Shoot to Retrieve Association
  •     19 years experience as a Professional Dog Trainer 
  •     Sugarfoot Kennel - Burnham, ME
  •     Seven Years of professional experience teaching people 
  •     Certified and licensed NJ school teacher
  •     Transitional Counseling and psycho./soc. evaluation - K.I.D.S.  Tallahasse, FL
  •     Big Bend Kennels - Monticello, FL
  •     North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association
  •     Unparalleled Success rate reconditioning/counterconditioning  behavioral concerns such as aggression, bolting, not coming when called, resource guarding, eliminating indoors, jumping, barking, separation anxiety, nervousness, fearfulness, counter surfing, trash rummaging, pulling on lead and general disobedience ect.


  •     Bachelors' of the Arts - Social Sciences -  Washington State University 
  •     Dual Major Psychology and Sociology and a minor in Business
  •     Graduate Coursework and Professional Development in Education, Behavioral Interventions / Modification , Statistical Analysis and Psychology                    
  •     Certified and Licensed New Jersey Public School Teacher 
  •     Routinely attend seminars and professional conferences ( Most Recent - April 2015 -    Human Animal Interaction Conference - Green Chimneys , Brewster , NY )
  •     Intervention Specialist ( analytical validation of research based intervention(s) ) 
  •     Program development and progress monitoring - reaction to intervention
  •      Human Animal Interaction Conference - University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work / Institute for Human - Animal Connection