Obedience training ensures your dog will respond on cue to learned behaviors. In addition, we share a lifetime of experience and education with the people who have entrusted us.  Together we positively shape behaviors, effectively communicate with our canine companions, and grow together. 

- Basic Obedience covers commands such as sit, here (recall), down (laying), heel, kennel and place

- Advanced Obedience covers all the above as well leave it, look, stay (behavior) and recall to heel position.  All commands are taken to the next level for the handler wanting a competition dog or just a fail safe companion under any circumstances.

* Training programs are individualized and customized  based on personality and handler desire.  We can accommodate any request and share our F.A.C.T. training methodology with all services.  Each session is designed to train dogs and educate people in an effective and efficient manner.  Beside every well mannered dog is a well educated person.  Owner/handler participation is imperative and an integral component of the successful facilitation of our services.         

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