My name is Stacy and I am a full-time dog walker. I met Rob through a friend who’s dog he was helping and was instantly amazed at the effect he was having and the short time he was having it. Rob also spent about 20 minutes with my biggest and strongest puller and got him walking properly. He is a natural and the animals love him. He doesn’t ask, negotiate, compromise or yell – he simply communicates to them what he wants or what they should be doing. They are very receptive and the results he gets are astonishing. Rob also spent extra time talking to me, giving me tips and advice. I highly recommend him. Do yourself and your dog a favor – call him! You both will have a better quality of life!

— Stacy Rottina - Stacy's Dog Walking - Haddon Township NJ


I have known Rob for about ten years and had him train my personal companion. The best I have seen in my 23 years as a veterinarian ! Not simply a trainer, but a true problem solver. He has an extraordinary ability to “read” a dog and the knowledge to transform behaviors in positive and meaningful ways. He is kind, caring, and compassionate with animals and people alike. A teacher to the core, behavior modification at its best !
— Dr. Andy Lombardo D.V.M. - Conchester Animal Hospital - Conchester PA

I’ve been working with dogs for a long time now and I’ve never seen someone that understands dogs the way Rob does. He not only trained one of mine, but has helped me many times with the dogs at the shelter. Definitely the best trainer I’ve seen. He has a real gift.

— Charlene Trainor - Kennel Manager - Animal Adoption Center , Lindenwold NJ

Shortly after my husband and I rescued them our two one-year-old Dachshunds were out of control. Due to their history of mistreatment they had a lot of behavioral issues. They were fearful and aggressive, one of them had started biting people and they were so reactive on a leash it wasn’t safe to walk them. We needed professional help quick! Rob came highly recommended by our veterinarian. I didn’t know what to expect but Rob’s patience and natural rapport with our dogs was obvious and his knowledge about animal behavior was impressive. Rob trained our dogs in our home and gave us the guidance we needed to work with them ourselves in between training sessions. He would say “Give me call anytime if you have questions – no problem!” We saw improvement in our dogs right away. In addition to basic commands, leash training and behavior modification he worked with us to set in place necessary structure and boundaries. A few months later the change in them is pretty amazing! They’re happy, more confident and trusting and much less fearful and reactive. We now look forward to a future in which people can come into our home without fear of being bitten! And we can finally take our dogs out for walks! Rob has a love and passion for dogs and a real gift for training them. I’ve already recommended him to several friends because I’m so pleased with the results we’ve had with our dogs.
— Anita Santiago , Collingswood NJ

Because the temperature was below 0 when we found a stray pit bull, I said she could stay one night. The next morning, I took her to the “ no kill “ shelter and discovered that Sammie had very aggressive behavior. Just being near another dog caused her to growl, pull on leash, show her teeth and bark ferociously. Since she could not be handled, the only option was to put her in a shelter that would euthanize her because she was not adoptable. We decided we had to keep her. As she became more comfortable in our house she started displaying some aggressive behavior at home too. That’s when we called Rob Baldi. It was clear after the first training session that Rob has an understanding of dogs and we started to see improvement as he taught us some methods that we could use to correct her aggressiveness and overall behavior. Everything he taught us was positive, direct, and most importantly - it worked ! After a few more training sessions we now have a dog that has learned to overcome her fears and aggressiveness. I can take her to the vet, the park, around people and children, and she happily follows basic commands. She has become a wonderful family dog with no aggressive behavior at all. Thanks for all you did for Sammie. She really is a different dog !
— Jodi Fox , Pilesgrove NJ

My name is Leighann Henry, I have worked at the Animal Adoption Center for more than 3 years. I have never met a trainer like Rob Baldi. He is so smart and compassionate in his training methods to help dogs be their best. His methods are simple but THEY WORK ! Its his simplicity that helps dogs and people alike to change their behavior, and the effects are immediate. I was amazed at how fast he was able to empower me to take control of one of the dogs at our shelter. Rob’s knowledge and understanding of dogs is unlike any other trainer that I have ever worked with. He is amazing ! Thanks Rob
— Leighann Henry - Operations Manager - Animal Adoption Center, Lindenwold NJ

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I have a worked with several hunting dog trainers over the last decade. It is safe to say that Rob is by far and away the best I have ever worked with and I believe that he is as good or better than anyone in the business. He understands how dogs think, how to train them and how to get the results you want on a consistent basis, without using force and without treating the dog harshly. The dogs he trains love him. He also takes the time to work with the owner to teach them how to handle the dog, which very few trainers want to take the time to do. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a great, effective and fairly priced dog trainer.

— David B. Stratton - Partner - Pepper Hamilton LLP - Wilmington DE