We Share with People , Communicate with Dogs and Grow Together.



       Superdawg  will do its part to ensure that all dogs are better understood, loved wholeheartedly, and appreciated for the wonderful ways in which they enrich peoples lives.  Sharing,  Caring and Growing Together ... Four Paws At a Time . 



They don’t have to do everything my way, but they do have to do my thing, their way and like doing it.
— Ray Hunt



       Superdawg Canine Conditioning is the result of a passion that morphed into a profession.  Owner / Trainer Robert Baldi accepted his first client dog back in 1996.  CedarBrook Kennels was the name back then, and word of mouth is how our business flourished and reputation solidified.     The challenge and satisfaction of successfully re-conditioning problematic behaviors lit a fire in us early.  It continues to burn bright almost twenty years later !  In addition to our experience, we continuously seek innovative and better ways to teach.  Through collaboration, education, and practice  we continue to evolve.   Our desire for a deeper understanding led Rob to his Undergraduate Degree in the Social Sciences from Washington State University.  In addition to his psychology background he holds New Jersey Teaching Licenses in four subject areas.  This combination uniquely qualifies him to teach his clients how to successfully communicate with their dogs.  A fact that he prides himself on and considers the most important component to what he does. 

       This journey has allowed us to train with and for many generous people throughout the Continental United States and Canada.  Working with and for several other trainers from the piney woods of Northern Florida, north to the Mid- Atlantic and New England and West to the Pacific Northwest.  Along the way we have trained dogs that have been campaigned in American Kennel Club ( AKC ) Field Trials, Hunt Tests and Obedience Events, North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, American Field and the National Shoot to Retrieve Association. Several of the dogs we worked with have gone on to become Field Champions.   We do what we love, learn everyday,  and strive for excellence.  As a result,  we have had the good fortune of  working with more than a thousand dogs and countless people from all walks of life.  Today , Superdawgs'  services include all breeds, all behaviors, and all desires.  Robs' ability to rehabilitate even the most concerning behavior issues has made him a go to resource for shelters and rescues, as well.  Along the way, giving dogs that were all but written off a second chance, and Superdawg more than we could ever put into words.   

                                                                          Rob Baldi 1997 

                                                                          Rob Baldi 1997